Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Oops I think my water broke...

i have no idea why this little one was in such a hurry to get here. in fact i wasn't even sick of being pregnant! i woke up to a wet bed on the morning of March 9th... and when its six weeks before your due date i for sure thought that i had just peed my pants! i knew it was a little more serious when i called my doctor who said "head down immediately!"

so there i was having a baby on a dark snowy morning at 2am on March 10th! it felt like a dream but he was here. this baby Danny & I have waited for so long was finally here.

Fletcher Michael Booth - 4 pounds 7 ounces, - 18 inches long....

of course Danny and I manage to do everything a little different, our baby was rushed off to the NICU for a little help with his lungs. he had a ruff first few weeks being poked and strung with wires, as new parents you can only imagine how hard it was for us to watch.

but here he is healthy and strong our perfect little baby boy!
i love you so much....

it's hard to come into this life and not have mommy's touch.
i know the doctors mean to help but i miss her so much.
we had many months together when i was tucked inside. now we're
lonely for each other and we both have cried and cried. but someone
gave my mommy a hanky to hold tight. she sleeps and holds it close to her
it's filled with love each night. when mommy comes to see me she
puts it by my skin. it makes me feel so happy 'cause i feel my mom again
i love these little hankies they work just like a charm.
and i'll cuddle, smell, and hold them tight till i'm back
in mommy's arms.