Friday, June 27, 2008

London to Madrid...

so our trip to europe was awesome, sometimes you just have to get out of town!
we started out trip in London to see my bro Ryan and girlfriend Jacqui. i had the first day all
to myself, exploring on the metro and wondering into quaint little villages. i soon fell deeply in love with London, so happened the weather was pleasantly fabulous. i had to restrain myself when it came to the shopping, you have no idea how awesome it is, unless you've been there of course. there was an H&M on every corner, they call it Hennes there. to bad everything is double the price! the sights where great and having Ry & Jacqui there to show us around made the experience that much better. they showed us the best things to see, went to a play called "into the hood," and took us to eat at some good places. its all about good food when you travel, right!

danny was our pro tour guide in Madrid, old stomping grounds for him. Ry suggested we rent bikes to go check out the city, so we did. this was the high light of the trip for me. we cruised the whole city with danny as our guide for bout 4 hrs. people where soo jealouse as they watched us zipping bye and then we'd ring our bells so they'd get out of our way. we're smart travelers what can i say.
we went to Danny's friends wedding which was 3 hrs south of Madrid. that was quit the experience. lets just say i've never eaten so much food and we left at 3am. the party was still going strong,, they know how to party.... then we were off back to London then to Philly then to Las vegas then home....Ahhhh, i looked so jacked up and it didn't help that i had four huge bug bits on my face. the price you pay for fun.... but totally worth it!
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